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I love the set up. Nice pics. Kind of funny to put it in a gutted Rain Bird box. It adds a note of irony, don’t you think. That said, I fought to get my sprinklers to run dependably using WeatherMatic with a super weather sensor, a Rain Bird, and another really expensive one that uses it’s own moisture sensors in the ground. No aspect of home management has lead to more profanity, frustration and anger. Then Open Sprinkler comes along and it runs better than any of those systems ever ran, far more intuitively, and at less cost. Thanks to these incredible developers. I truly think that the Raspberry Pi has a shot at being another Gutenberg Press.

Thanks! I thought the Rainbird enclosure was appropriate. I have 2 – my original was taken out by lightening and the replacement is available if something happens to the OSPi. This has been my goal for many years and I am thrilled to be able to accomplish it with a RasPi!!! In all actuality, the Rainbird controller could probably be replaced with a raspi without the OS boards. The backplane doesn’t have many wires and with a scope I probably could have reversed engineered the valve/module control. It would have been cheaper and more fun, but also more time consuming. And time is not what I have available lately.

Yep – Ray did an outstanding job designing the OSPi hardware and rszimm has done an INCREDIBLE job with his control software. I literally just upgraded my version of his program in literally 2 minutes. From download, compile, to upgrade. Not an issue, my only warning is to check the settings and ensure your seasonal adjust is not 0. I “think” 0-99 is a reduction in watering time, 100 is as programmed, and 101-200 would add time to the schedule. I upgraded and went looking for the seasonal adjust and found mine set at 0.