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@rszimm wrote:

I’ve created a wiki for this project at:
I’ve also uploaded the source code to github at:

I have been testing the crap out of this lately. The logs are very nice feature. I especially like the new table log. 2 more feature requests though:

1) Can disabled schedules be available for a “Quick Schedule” run?
I set up a “Valve Test” schedule for a 2 minute interval per zone. The “Valve Test” schedule needs to be enabled in order for it to be usable/selectable in a “Quick Schedule”/one shot run. Also, when it is enabled, it defaults to midnight being the start time and you cannot disable the time. I am sure this is by design. Therefore having the ability to run disabled schedules would be good.

2) An advance button would be awesome, if possible.
When I close out my system, I run each zone a few times with the “valve test” – usually 2 minutes. As each zones empties out and is only blowing air, I manually advance the system to the next zone. Saving the head from turning dry for too long.

I honestly think these are the end on my wish list. This product is truly AWESOME!!

I know you are busy, so if you don’t have a chance I can probably knock out #1. #2 will require me to spend a little more intimate time with the code and is probably not too big of a problem.