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triton, moving things to /srv/web/ shouldn’t be hard, but it requires code changes in lines 914 and 915 of web.cpp. The 5s you see in those two lines refer to the size of the string ‘/web/’ which is 5 characters long. If you move things to /srv/web/ then you’ll have to change those to 9s.
You should also increase the length of sPage (declared on line 762) to 39.

Ultimately though I wouldn’t recommend this. You’ll forever have custom code on your machine and you’ll have to re-edit things every time we drop a new release. That will be painful. Can’t you just put a symlink from /web/ to /srv/web/??

As for using a relay board, there are a number of posts earlier in this thread on the subject. I know KanyonKris uses one with his system and he’s really helpful. Before I plunked down the money for the awesome OpenSprinklerPi module, I used one of these ( which worked just fine with the software, but of course it’s big, bulky, uses mechanical relays, and doesn’t have the 24V power supply.