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First off thanks again for the great software… I was thinking about adding to the logging feature because this morning things ran with a wunderground scale of 100%, but the advanced wunderground status for today shows 23% (which still seems high because it rained yesterday but that’s another story). I’m guessing there was a communications issue this morning and it just defaulted to 100%, but I’m not certain. It would be nice if it stored the wunderground calculation data and it could be displayed if you clicked on the wunderground % in the logs. I’m a software developer and could help with this… just wanted to know what you thought about it before I started, and maybe if you could point me in the right direction as to how the data gets into that table.

About the 100%, is that a correct assumption that if it fails it just falls back to 100%? Does it retry at all? Maybe if it fails it could use the last retrieved data instead of 100%.