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Thanks guys for some fantastic software for equally fantastic hardware. I’ve got the software running in demo mode on my Raspberry Pi.

The WUnderground integration works very well, though it took me several hours to figure out how to change the WUnderground diagnostics page to display metric values as opposed to the default imperial one. I thought I had it all sorted until I used my phone this morning to check the page, to discover we had 17″ of rain yesterday – should be 17mm. I also still need to sit down and do the maths to see how my changes have affected the Weather::GetScale function. We’ve had three days of rain, and the “Overall Scale” has been 0% from before I started fiddling.

Ideally there should be slide on the setting page to select either imperial or metric units. With my coding skills, it will take me a couple of months to figure it out, though I don’t know what all I’ll break in the process.

I have a few friends coming around tomorrow,and I’ll show them this demo, as two of them have recently installed irrigation systems at their homes. If they are interested, I’ll be able to place an order for four OSPi units (1 for each and a spare) and at least two expansion modules early next week.