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After resolving a hardware problem, loading the latest file, I modified my rc.local file with the above code and rebooted.

It works!

I can ssh to it via my iMac, It is running automatically, and I can control all (5) zones with the local home page.

I have 8080 as the port in the rc.local file, however I am still not able to get the Web app to work.

When I go to, the app opens but I am unable to add a new device when using my IP addr After I hit the Submit button I keep getting, “IP Check IP/port and try again”.

Port 80 is forwarded on my router (and as I read in above posts, it being used by apache by default) so I am thinking that is the port the local OpenSprinkler web page is using.

It has gotta be something simple at this point to get it running??