v1.0 and v1.1 are basically the same, the main differences are:
– v1.1 uses the OpenSprinkler (injection-molded) enclosure, while v1.0 uses an off-the-shelf enclosure with custom cutouts.
– v1.1 uses a slightly bigger relay while v1.0 uses a smaller relay (the relay is not used for sprinkler control, it’s there for extra, like switching garage doors and so on).

Other than these, the circuit design is the same. Because the OpenSprinkler enclosure was not design particularly for OSBo, to fit everything, on version 1.1 you can see from the pictures that BBB has to be plugged in at an angle. A few users didn’t like this and actually preferred v1.0. In any case, we don’t have v1.0 any more, only OpenLab still has a few left in stock.