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I am completely lost by your logic:

I disagree with the firmware not allowing 65 minutes.

Every single option we talked about here has non-representable values. For example, none of them can represent 1 minutes and 4 seconds. They are all going to round that to 1 minute. That’s a design choice: if you only have 256 possible values (which is what a byte can do), how can you possibly represent everything? Even if you have 2 bytes, there are always values you cannot represent. As long as you have limited number of bytes, there are always values you can’t represent!

What happens when a coder wants to expand the log functions to allow for a display of 90 days or months or years?

Why does it have to do with logging? We are talking about the ‘water time’ of a station, not every single number in the system. Plus, in what cases do you want to run one station for 90 days? If that’s a rare case, then by design choice we rule it out.