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@ray wrote:

Another question: since ‘seconds’ is not very common, do people care about the accuracy of 1 second, or would 5 seconds suffice?

Consider the use of a station for watering small pots or nurseries: overwatering behind the corner.
Or a clayey soil ( = slow infiltration rates) with slopes (= fast rill/surface erosion): the slopes will be underwatered; the end of the slopes overwatered, even in reduced state (= too much water = no oxygen).

I think that 5 seconds is a sufficient granularity. A greater value could be too much..
I went crazy in adjusting drippers with an old programmer whose granularity was 1 minute.
Consider also the existent humidity of soil which can alter the infiltration rate as the irrigation proceed.
I think that a fine granularity is mandatory; and on the plus side of this project.

A second thought.
Five seconds would still allow the use of a 1-2 sec delay in master/pump, but then the granularity would be reduced to 4 o 3 seconds.
Practically, I cannot see any diffrence between the actual granularity of 1 or the new one of 5 seconds.
Would people need longer delays in pump/master ?