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@TechFan: you definitely have a point. But let me justify it by saying that at least for now there is strong incentive to break up long water time to smaller sessions, because of a limitation in the scheduling algorithm. Specifically, if in the middle of a program-run the controller restarted (say, due to power down), it will not resume the program even if it hasn’t finished the program yet. This is because the algorithm only starts a program if the current time matches the program’s start time or any of the repeat times. Say, if a program starts at 8:00am, and the controller subsequently powers down and comes back at 8:01, it won’t resume the program because it’s already one minute past the start time. So if the program is supposed to water for 6 hours, this will lose almost the entire 6 hours. On the other hand, if you set the program to water for 1 hour and repeat 6 times, it will at most lose 1 hour, because at 9:00am the program will start again. Hope this makes sense.