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@ray wrote:

Hope this makes sense.

Yes. I have no problem understanding the logic and in some ways the benefits, but maybe that should be handled by the firmware, not the user. In my perspective, the user should be able to say I want it to run 6 hours. . .and it runs 6 hours. . .even if the firmware is restarting the cycle every 3 hours. I just don’t think the user should need to program around the limitation. I understand this is about conserving memory usage, I am just speaking up for keeping the complexity out of the user’s world.

: Yes, I agree, it would be nice to log and alert about such things as failures, but not sure if that is feasible. Ideally, I would like to be able to automatically ship my logs to another device for long term access and storage (OS(nonPI) doesn’t allow accessing more than week at a time).