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@bwulfe wrote:

For irrigation purposes; seconds are relatively irrelevant. Using minutes makes far more sense to me.

Hopefully the change to individual station timing will permit simplification of the programming process. (Especially for those of us in drought zones with heavy restrictions on watering dates and times.) In the San Antonio, Texas area; we can only water one day a week from Midnight to 8:00 AM and again from 8 PM to midnight. I have a wide variety of zones (Drip irrigation, Grass, Vegetable Beds, shrubbery, Fruit Trees, etc) all with different timing needs. The current method of creating different programs for each type (timing) and stringing them together can be quite frustrating; especially if you want to make seasonal adjustments. Since you have to state the exact time that each program starts; you can’t easily string multiple programs one after another without leaving time gaps to account for a seasonal percentage increases in normal watering levels. This in turn makes it extremely difficult to fully water everything within my allowed 12 hours per week. (32 Zones) . The new approach sounds like an excellent enhancement. Thanks for your ongoing enhancements to the system.

Thats what i thought too. i have all my programs start at the same time, and the software will string them together.