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Salbahra & Ray,

Thanks for your replies. It makes sense. I will do odd/even + select all days. I’m playing with the system in the last several days and liking it a lot. A couple more questions though:

1. My system is running on well water so I need to delay each station in a program by 30-60 minutes for the well water to replete. How can I do that? The Station Delay setting is only 4 minutes (240s) which is not even close to what I need.
2. How the rain sensor work? I hooked up my rain sensor with normal open option checked; wet my rain sensor to simulate rain but the program is still kick-in and running as scheduled. Does the Manual Rain Delay setting playing any part of this?
3. Does the firmware keeps a log of past station actives? If it does can we access it?
4. Does the firmware utilizes the weather data to control the future watering schedules? For instance, if the weather predicted to be >50% (a configurable %) rain tomorrow then all scheduled program today should be cancelled…