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1. My system is running on well water so I need to delay each station in a program by 30-60 minutes for the well water to replete. How can I do that? The Station Delay setting is only 4 minutes (240s) which is not even close to what I need.

If you are comfortable with modifying the firmware code, this is just one or two lines of code change (basically multiplying a parameter by 60), then the station delay time will change from seconds to minutes. I can tell you where to make the change if you want.

The other way is to create multiple programs, essentially putting each station in a different program so you can specify a desired start time for each station. This does not require changing the code, but is certainly very tedious.

2. How the rain sensor work? I hooked up my rain sensor with normal open option checked; wet my rain sensor to simulate rain but the program is still kick-in and running as scheduled. Does the Manual Rain Delay setting playing any part of this?

A rain sensor is basically a rain activated switch. Maybe you didn’t wet the rain sensor enough to make it click. You can simulate rain sensor click by use a wire to short the two pins on the Rain Sensor terminal.

3. Does the firmware keeps a log of past station actives? If it does can we access it?

On OSPi, logging is available. On Arduino-based OpenSprinkler, not yet. Samer’s app (installed version) has a features that allows you to log events. But this is not done on the controller itself, rather, it uses an external server to poll OpenSprinkler and log the events.

Since OpenSprinkler 2.x now has SD card slot, it’s possible to use that for logging, although I haven’t implemented this feature yet.

4. Does the firmware utilizes the weather data to control the future watering schedules? For instance, if the weather predicted to be >50% (a configurable %) rain tomorrow then all scheduled program today should be cancelled…

Again, OSPi can do this already. On Arduino-based OpenSprinkler, not yet.