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dman, I’m sorry I didn’t explain clearly.

Basically, instead of accessing the OpenSprinkler directly you access the server’s web server. Each request you make is then sent to the OpenSprinkler by it instead and the returned page is modified as appropriate before handing it back to your web browser. Hopefully that makes more sense… ❓

you ==> server
server ==> OpenSprinkler
server <== OpenSprinkler
[server modifies response with links to local copies of javascript, etc]
you <== server
[you fetch javascript from local copy]

So you don’t talk directly to the OpenSprinkler. The server does it on your behalf. There are other things it does as well but they are more for a business environment (like logging who did what, etc) and these are what makes the effort extra worthwhile.

It is very lightweight stuff though so a Raspberry Pi with a PHP supporting web server would be more than enough, though we have it running on the server that does all the monitoring of the nursery’s watering, tank levels, etc.

I have a little bit more work to do before I can spend time making it ready for others but if you are interested email me directly: [email protected]