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Dan – looking forward to getting this up and running. I have fixed IP for both my existing R-Pi and OpenSprinkler – but I can edit the python, PHP and java files easily to make the changes. However I also customise my Opensprinkler firmware to change MAC address as I have both a v.1.0 and v.1.4 running on my network and it didn’t like duplicate MAC’s.
You supply the HEX file for the firmware – can you also post the actual source code, or tell me what has changed in the Arduino code? I was hoping that the logging could be all external so I don’t have to reprogram my OpenSprinkler (which is a bit of a challenge under Windows) – just change the exteranl button image and intercept the weather call to the new logging page???
EDIT: Just realised my question is dumb – obvioulsy need to change where the Opensprinkler looks for java from Rays page to the local server – any other changes?