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My goal for version 1 is to simply automate the monitoring of my pool’s chemistry over time (mine is a saltwater pool and spa).
Basically I want to be proactive and forewarned rather than my current reactive approach to pool chemistry
management (wait until my wife tells me there’s algae growing :-). If there was a constant data feed (say, to Xively),
then I could better predict when levels call for manual intervention (add salt, add stabilizer, add acid, etc.)
I’m not sure about the alerts or chart color variation available from Xively, but it would be cool to color the
charts green, yellow, orange, and red based on intervention required (green = all good; yellow = you have two weeks to do something;
orange = one week to do something; red = you are too late, don’t go swimming until you’re back to green!)

Here are some notes and links that I’ve collected so far:

I think OSPi would give me a fast start–all I’d need are the following:

  • 1 Raspberry Pi Rev B 512MB board (’cause its the latest!)
  • 1 WiFi USB dongle
  • 1 OpenSprinklerPi v1.2 board (need those 4 A/D channels)
  • 1 ORP sensor probe
  • 1 pH sensor probe
    just the analog probes, no interface cards required as they’ll connect directly to the OSPi A/D solder points
  • 1 temperature sensor probe (likely analog to connect to an A/D port like the other probes)
  • 1 ambient temperature sensor (preferably digital in the box (maybe) so I don’t have to use an A/D port)
  • 1 “sunlight” phot cell sensor (optional later integration, preferably digital so I don’t have to use an A/D port)
  • 1 probe container or something to harness the three probes together for constant immersion in the pool water
  • 3 BNC connectors to mount on the box to interface to the analog sensors
  • For power, I would connect to my existing 24VAC feed going into my pool light controller