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I think your best solution is to use the necessary adapter to connect pipe thread to hose thread. I have no information as to plumbing in Sweden. In the US, there are two different pipe threads. For fixed systems, they use pipe thread. For removable systems like garden hoses they use hose thread. The main difference in the threads is the pitch. Pipe thread is meant to be sealed with Teflon tape or pipe dope. Hose thread is meant to be sealed by a rubber gasket. Since most valves are designed for fixed installations, here they all contain pipe thread. When I need to connect one of these valves to a garden hose, I use an adapter like this.

There are similar adapters to go from female pipe thread to female hose thread. There are also often plastic versions of these connectors that are specifically meant for irrigation systems. These plastic ones are significantly cheaper.

While the valve plus adapter route might seem to be adding lots of cost, it is not true in the US. The valves savings on using the standard valves more than covers the cost of the adapters.

Your picture appears to show a “quick connect” fitting. This would require one more piece, but here in the US, the “quick connect” fittings are sold in pairs, so you probably already have that piece.