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As someone who had high hopes for OpenSprinkler when I purchased it several months ago, I remain quite disappointed with the limitations of programming in general. I too have 30+ zones. I have been forced to implement a complex array of 25+ programs and have to track them in a spreadsheet so as to make sure I do not have any overlap and risk programs not running.

I have created several, sometimes very detailed posts, explaining the challenges with OS programming and made many recommendations for solutions that align with what I believe would be a best-in-breed combination of a microprocessor based controller with features common to commercial controllers. These recommendations have been greeted with responses from Ray, which I certainly appreciate, stating these new features are “planned”.

But at this point, I have two remaining questions:
1. When will the new programming features be deployed?
2. How can I help OS evolve into a device that not only matches the programming capabilities of other controllers, but surpasses them? Hopefully my previous posts are helpful, but I am willing to help more.

Thank you,