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I will try hard to make something that will work with the existing hardware. That way existing users can retrofit moisture sensors to their systems. This may limit hardware choices. Like I said earlier, I am waiting for my sensors to be delivered. Only at that point can I seriously begin. Yes, I know it’s only 0-3Voults but it is nice to have the bits on the bench.

Ray needs to be involved from the very beginning. He “owns” the hardware design.

If anyone else wants to either pick up this little add-on project because they have either done it before or, are simply better at it than me, please say so as I am only helping out. There is no ego in this for me whatsoever.

I think the system software is where the main development will need to be as, from what I can see, there is no provision to stop a single zone from working based on outsode input and that will need to be changed. Again dialog with the developer from day one is needed. The mobile app will need to be modified too so that needs consideration as well.

Any help or design you can give is most welcome. More news when I have some bits on my bench.