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@dotMorten wrote:

If your IP address changes, there’s no way to update the IP or delete the sprinkler. When you press “Save” or “Delete” you go to a weird looking page and you’re toast. After app-restart the entry is still there. The only solution is to completely restart the app.

This has been resolved. The underlying issue was IE10 and below doesn’t support the dataset object. Will be resolved in the next version.

@dotMorten wrote:

I would also like to see you getting rid of the ‘back’ breadcrumb. It’s an iOS thing. We have the hardware backbutton instead.

This will be hidden on the next version.

@dotMorten wrote:

For popups, when you press the back-button you leave the app or go to the previous page, instead of closing the popup. For instance click “rain delay” and then back button to close the dialog -> App shuts down.

This has been fixed for the next version and will now properly close the popup.