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Thank you for the detailed report. I will look into and will fix the site manager page not working properly on Windows Phone 8. That is a horrible bug and thanks for reporting. As a side note, I am looking into better way’s to handle an IP change of the device.

In regard to the back button, you need to understand this is a universal app. The same code is used for all the different platforms otherwise the time required would exceed what is doable by one person. The popup’s not working with the native back button is an issue and will be resolved.

Again, the app-bar is something I am not familiar with since I develop a cross-platform application. However, I do plan to look into it and see if this is something I can incorporate with the current method.

The live tile is an extra which I think could be useful but honsestly will not be a priority. I will look into this and see what I can do.

Basically, the back button not working on popups and the site manager page buttons kicking you out of the app will both be addressed ASAP.