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Okay, now I understand. The issue is changing programs on one device and not seeing that reflected on a different device.

Yes this has nothing to do with caching and instead is a logical error. Basically, the apps functioning like its the only instance making changes to OpenSprinkler. I can easily add /jp call to the constant refresh and the only reason I don’t do it now is to avoid any HTTP round trips if not needed. Clearly this is needed so I will see what I can do.

Thanks for the detail!

Update: This will be addressed in the next update. My testing shows I can’t update program data at the same frequency as status information however I can do so less frequently without issues. Therefore, in the next app update (very soon hopefully), the problem will be addressed as the app will update the program and station information every 30 seconds. I could also update when you enter the programs page however that would require me waiting on the HTTP reply before loading the page which is not something I want to do. Hopefully this addresses the issue sufficiently. Changes here: (under main.js).

Long term, the fix will be reducing the HTTP requests which will be addressed in the next firmware. Eventually, a push instead of frequent pulls will resolve the issue 100%.