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Since you are using Apache you should be able to copy and paste the config from the support document to add support for the files. Please read the entire document.

If you continue having issues I don’t mind continuing to assist in the forums as this will help other users. I appreciate the donation offer however it’s in my best interest to publicly assist you so I don’t have to repeat this for each user trying to do this.

I understand this is a bit non-standard but I think with some patience it’s a relatively easy procedure and if the documentation is not clear maybe we can clarify it once you identity how to fix your issue. I can tell you we are using Apache to host the same files for everyone without issues so this will work once configured correctly.

Another way I can help is for you to attach your Apache config and I can show you where to add the appropriate lines of code.

To address the unzipping process again, please note as I said earlier after unzip you can give the files the same extension as before you unzipped and they will work fine. Again, this is only performed if you do not want to modify your Apache configuration.

Please remember what you are performing is considered an advanced technique and some patience and trial and error will be required.