I’m not clear on how the Seasonal Adjust in the Settings interacts with the weather based adjustments.

I see in the code you posted on the wiki that weather adjustments start with 100% then add or subtract the 3 weather factors to come up with a percentage between 0 and 200. So if Weather Adjust is enabled for a schedule does it take precedence over the Seasonal Adjust from the Settings page, or are the two used together some how?

Just a thought, should the two adjustments be combined? For example, if Seasonal Adjust is set to 70% then the weather adjustment could take 70 and add or subtract the weather factors to come up with a final aggregate adjustment.

BTW, the github wiki says the humidity adjustment is 1/2% but the formula does 1%. I updated the wiki to say 1% (and expanded the explanation of each of the 3 factors). If you want 1/2%, which seems more appropriate, the code should divide by 4 instead of 2.