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OpenSprinkler Beagle (OSBo) v1.1 is an extension board for the BeagleBone Black (BBB). It allows BBB to directly access and control sprinkler valves.

24V AC adapter is an optional add-on

– BeagleBone is NOT included
– LCD is NOT included

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Product Description

OpenSprinkler Beagle (OSBo) v1.1 is an extension board for the BeagleBone Black (BBB). It allows BBB to directly access and control sprinkler valves.

  • Download OSBo v1.1 User Manual
  • This product requires prior experience with BeagleBone Black, since you will need to install OSBo software on your own. If you are look for a sprinkler controller that works out of the box, please check out the fully assembled OpenSprinkler.
  • Comparisons of OSBo with other OpenSprinkler products.


  • Single power supply design: the same 24V AC sprinkler transformer powers both sprinkler valves and BBB.
  • Built-in real-time clock (RTC), rain sensor terminal, general-purpose relay, zone expansion board connector, transient voltage protector.
  • Expandable, one OSBo supports 8 zones; expandable to 48 with OpenSprinkler zone expansion boards.
  • Control from anywhere – use any modern browser, or use our free apps for iOS, OSX, Android, Kindle Fire, Windows 8, Chrome, and Firefox.
  • Automatic weather-based water time adjustments – use online weather data to auto-adjust water times based on temperature, humidity and rainfall.
  • Open-source and customizable.

Package Includes:

  • One assembled and tested OpenSprinkler Beagle board.
  • Plastic enclosure and screw terminal blocks.

Package DOES NOT Include:

  • BeagleBone Black
  • microSD card
  • 24V AC Transformer
    • If you have an existing sprinkler controller, you can reuse the transformer.

Circuit Design. The circuit of OSBo consists of a 24VAC to 5VDC switching converter, a shift register, triacs, DS1307 RTC, CR1220 backup battery, and zone expansion connector. In addition, it includes a rain sensor port, per-station bidirectional TVS (transient voltage suppressor), and a 5V mini-relay for general-purpose switching (such as switching garage doors etc. The mini-relay’s contact rating is 120VAC/2A).

OSBo makes use of four GPIO pins to send control signals to the shift register, two I2C pins (SDA, SCL) to interface with the RTC, and two additional pins to interface with rain sensor and the mini-relay. It can provide regulated 5V power to BeagleBone Black with up to 750mA output current, which is sufficient to drive the BeagleBone Black with a USB WiFi dongle. Connection from Beagle to OSBo is done through on-board 2×10 pin headers. The Beagle is directly plugged into the pin headers, and secured via three support pillars and screws.

Zone Expansion. The OSBo board itself controls 8 stations. There is a built-in shift register connector which allows it to be linked to zone expansion boards to enable more stations. The number of stations has no software limit — you can go up to a large number of stations, limited only by your SD card size. For instructions on how to connect OSBo to zone expansion boards, please check the online user manual.

Pinouts. The BeagleBone Black has a large number of GPIO pins. They are useful for extending the functionality of OSBo. Because the BeagleBone Black is placed facing down, it’s not easy to directly access these pins. Fortunately we have mapped all available pins to the OSBo’s pinout area. Specifically, close to the top are the P8 pinouts, including all the 46 pins; and close to the bottom are the P9 pinouts. In order to use the pinouts, you need to solder the corresponding male pin headers to the board. Please check the user manual for details.

You may be choosing between OSBo and OpenSprinkler, and curious about their differences. Here is a detailed comparison. OSBo is based on the BeagleBone Black. In order to use it, you must have an existing BeagleBone Black and install the necessary software. There are three proof-of-concept demo programs as shown in the video. In addition, the Unified firmware available on standard OpenSprinklers also works for OSBo.

Note that we do not sell BeagleBone Black directly — you need to purchase it separately. So OSBo is currently targeted towards users who have a BeagleBone Black, and have prior experience with it.

OpenSprinkler, on the other hand, is based on an AVR microcontroller. It is pre-flashed with a full-featured firmware and works out of the box. It does not require any additional board or software setup. It has a built-in LCD display and push-buttons. We also provide a DIY version of OpenSprinkler, allowing you to build the controller from scratch.

If you are interested in modifying the programs yourself, OSBo would give a lot more flexibility. In particular, the OSBo demo software is all written in Python, which is easy to learn. OpenSprinkler, on the other hand, is based on the Arduino programming language, or you can directly use avr-gcc to compile the program.

The other features are pretty much similar: both have a 24VAC to 5VDC conversion circuit, RTC and backup battery, Ethernet jack, and zone expansion connector. To enable WiFi, on OSBo you can use a WiFi USB dongle, on OpenSprinkler, you can use a portable WiFi adapter / repeater.

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    Thank you, thank you, thank you for building a really cool Open Source project. I’ve been wanting to control my sprinklers with a box like this for a long time. I gladly parted with $70.00 to make it finally happen. Saved me a ton of time. I had it up and running my sprinklers in a couple of hours. Learning how to use the software was the hardest part. The docs are really good and support for this type of stuff is great online. The software does everything I need. I really wanted to be able to control zones from my phone. Transferring the “schedule” from my old sprinkler controller to my OSBo was a little more tedious than I hoped. Opensource means we can change it how we want. The enclosure is the only part that isn’t great. You can tell it was designed for something else. Pics of the old enclosure look nicer to me. Such an otherwise polished product needs a better enclosure IMHO. It gets the job done.

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