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Same here! To give an idea how time-of-day dependent opensprinker Zimmerman turned after switching to OWM, please see the attached data from the last days, oscillating between 0% and 138% in a few hours:

value	acknowledged	from	timestamp
86	true	parser.0	2018-12-31T12:21:29.356Z
66	true	parser.0	2018-12-31T13:21:29.426Z
27	true	parser.0	2018-12-31T15:21:29.555Z
23	true	parser.0	2018-12-31T17:21:29.708Z
0	true	parser.0	2018-12-31T18:21:29.764Z
6	true	parser.0	2019-01-01T07:21:31.067Z
0	true	parser.0	2019-01-01T08:21:31.196Z
97	true	parser.0	2019-01-01T09:21:31.319Z
113	true	parser.0	2019-01-01T10:21:31.424Z
125	true	parser.0	2019-01-01T11:21:31.475Z
123	true	parser.0	2019-01-01T12:21:31.552Z
75	true	parser.0	2019-01-01T13:21:31.692Z
15	true	parser.0	2019-01-01T15:21:31.916Z
11	true	parser.0	2019-01-01T16:21:32.158Z
0	true	parser.0	2019-01-01T18:21:32.468Z
77	true	parser.0	2019-01-02T09:21:33.675Z
105	true	parser.0	2019-01-02T10:21:33.803Z
133	true	parser.0	2019-01-02T11:21:33.996Z
138	true	parser.0	2019-01-02T12:21:34.086Z

I’ve several systems deployed here and definately need a fix soon.