We are NOT responsible for damage or accidents caused by using the controller in unspecified conditions, such as using an out-of-spec transformer, power surge, incorrect wiring, leaving the product in an unprotected environment, or damage due to lightning, flood. In addition, we are NOT responsible for any damage or accident caused by software error, program error, or use of third-party software.

Information about our products (including, but not limited to, source code, specifications, assembly instructions, FAQs, forums) is published as is, without implied warranty. We are NOT responsible for any malfunction resulting from ambiguities or error in this content.

For DIY kits, we do not accept return on kits that have been opened, nor do we provide repair service of any kind. If you’ve found missing parts or parts that are faulty, we are happy to promptly send replacement parts, as long as you provide reasonable evidence that it’s not your mistake. In addition,

  • We are not responsible for accidents or mistakes that may occur during the assembly of DIY products. While we provide information for assembling DIY products (e.g. schematics, FAQs, and user forums), everything you do while assembling the product is at your own risks. It is your responsibility to get the product assembled and working, and to troubleshoot in the event of malfunctions. We will NOT fix soldering mistakes or repair kits for you.
  • Before buying a DIY kit, make sure that you have the basic technical skills required to build it and troubleshoot any errors. These skills include following instructions, identifying electronic parts, soldering, making measurements with a multimeter, and a basic understanding of schematics and electronic components. Knowing and learning how your device works, how to assemble it, and how to repair it is part of the DIY culture.