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Quick and Easy Installation

Worried about the technical expertise needed to replace your outdated controller with OpenSprinkler? Installation is a breeze and we'll walk you through it with video tutorials. All you'll need are screwdrivers and about half an hour of time. That's it!

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Automate and Access Sprinklers from Anywhere

Keeping your lawn and flowers beautiful doesn't have to be stressful. OpenSprinkler unchains you from your sprinkler or irrigation control box, enabling you to program, run, or stop zones at any time from anywhere.
Whether you are at your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone; whether you are at home, office, or traveling on the road, you can access OpenSprinkler through any modern browser; or use our free apps available for all mobile platforms.

Customize Like Crazy

How many custom programs do you need? One for everything? How about a different program for each day or each zone? With OpenSprinkler you can create a wide array of independent programs with custom start times to fit your need. You can visualize programs using the preview feature, and check station runs through graphical plots of the logging data.
Use a master zone or pump; run zones in sequence or parallel; easily expand the number of zones; give each zone and each program a custom name -- these are all supported by OpenSprinkler. Attach a rain sensor, or manually set rain delay time. Take it one step further and use our automatic weather-driven algorithms: your sprinkler water times are constantly adjusted based on your local weather and rainfall conditions. No proprietary weather data -- we use data that's publicly available around the world.

Raspberry Pi

OpenSprinkler started out as a hobby kit for makers and software developers. We continue supporting those communities with our Raspberry Pi version.

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