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OpenSprinkler Pi is an extension board for Raspberry Pi (RPi) (all versions of RPi). It allows RPi to directly access and control sprinkler valves. NOTE: OSPi no longer comes with enclosure. Instead, the design of a 3D printable enclosure is provided, you can use it to print the enclosure yourself, or order it online, such as from

– RPi is NOT included; no LCD; enclosure is NOT included; 24VAC transformer is NOT included by default but is an optional add-on.
– WILL NOT fit RPi 1 Model A or B (i.e. oldest generation of RPi).

Volume discount available (see below for details).

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OpenSprinkler Pi (OSPi) is an extension board for Raspberry Pi (all versions of RPi). It allows RPi to directly access and control sprinkler valves. NOTE: OSPi no longer comes with enclosure. Instead, the design of a 3D printable enclosure is provided, you can use it to print the enclosure yourself, or order it online, such as from

Note: This version WILL NOT fit RPi 1 Model A or B (i.e. the oldest generation of RPi). Also, if you plan to use RPi 3 or 4: due to the power consumption of RPi 3 or 4, you might need an additional USB adapter to power RPi 3 directly through its microUSB port.


OSPi is designed as an extension board that makes use of RPi’s GPIO pins to directly control sprinkler valves, without an additional layer of microcontorller and Ethernet controller. In other words, it is a circuit board that allows an RPi to directly interface with sprinkler valves.


  • Single power supply design — the same 24V AC sprinkler transformer powers both sprinkler valves and RPi.
  • Comes with sensor terminals, zone expansion board connector, and transient voltage protectors.
  • Expandable — one OSPi supports 8 zones; expandable to 200 with OpenSprinkler zone expansion boards.
  • Control from anywhere — use any modern browser, or use our free apps for iOS, OSX, Android, Kindle Fire, Windows 8, Chrome, and Firefox.
  • Automatic weather-based water time adjustments — use online weather data to auto-adjust water times based on temperature, humidity and rainfall.
  • Open-source and customizable.

Package Includes:

  • One assembled and tested OpenSprinkler Pi board.
  • Screw terminal blocks, support pillars for RPi and screws.
  • Note: does NOT include RPi, nor enlcosure.

Package DOES NOT Include:

  • Raspberry Pi
  • Enclosure
  • microSD card
  • 24VAC/500mA Transformer (not included by default, but is an optional add-on). If you have an existing sprinkler controller, you can reuse the transformer.

Additional information

Weight 0.6 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4.5 × 1.5 in
Power Adapter

Not included (use your own), Add 24VAC/500mA adapter (US/Canada only)

21 reviews for OpenSprinkler Pi (OSPi)

  1. phoeve

    This is an awesome kit! Everything is included. It is very well designed. I was able to get it working with Google calendar and Weather Underground. I have 8 zones and it works flawlessly. This is the best Pi project yet!

  2. Cameron

    Our Raspberry Pi was already our DSL gateway router and alarm clock. Now it runs our sprinklers too, and it will soon feed the fish. It’s a clever, efficient design. I only wish I could find a 24V transformer as efficient as modern DC wall bricks. Since our Pi has other things to do I didn’t want to spend the memory on Ray’s Web interface. So I switch the Pi’s output pins with a simple shell script scheduled by the cron daemon. (Cron is to unix as Windows Task Scheduler is to MS-Windows. Very old and simple.) My shell script is on Ray’s wiki:

  3. Rick

    This was a great project and really fun way to get into Raspberry Pi’s. Was able to setup and configure the RPi before I received the opensprinkler unit. Then once it arrived I was ready to install the RPi and secure everything in the opensprinkler case. I modified the Hunter exterior case from my previous controller and the OSRPi and 24v transformer fit in with minimal modification. I live in Phoenix, AZ and I was worried about the heat in the sealed enclosure but it has been running solid since I installed it and the RPi peaks at around 80c during the hottest part of the day. I’m running v1.0.6 of the sprinklers_pi UI by Richard Zimmerman which has been running perfectly. It would be great if the opensprinkler or RPi had a 2-pin fan header so I wouldn’t have to hack something together to get some air moving. If you don’t live in Phoenix you shouldn’t have any heat issues. My next project is a halloween/christmas RPi light controller. Ray, make us a project!! Thanks.

  4. poram

    Great kit with clear instructions and quality components. All worked perfectly. Only adjustment I made was to use wicd-curses for wifi as the default setup did not reconnect for me on router resets. Next plan is to improve garden sensors so that schedule can auto adjust more efficiently. Highly recommended.

  5. Adam F

    I usually don’t take time to write reviews. I was so impressed by the product I felt the need to. The system was so fast and easy to setup. The ordering process was easy and came quick like amazon. If you are on the fence like I was just order it and save yourself the hassle of the other systems out there. The only thing I wished was an easy way to hook up an LCD. Not that it really needs one and would be mainly for show only.

  6. Dan

    At first I was very skeptical about buying an open source project. But the more I read the more I liked it. I read all the instruction and information. I got everything ready, I made the image on my SD card, I got a power supply. I received my OpenSprinkler Pi from UPS today, I came home and plugged it in, powered everything up and it’s all working just like it says. I’m very happy with it and I’ll recommend it to anyone that I can stop and talk to about it. My skill level is a little advanced, I’ve used GNU/Linux many years and the is my third Pi. But I believe the instruction are very clear and no steps were missing. I can not be more pleased with this purchase and the product. Good job all around. (although getting past the captcha to post this review was a pain in the butt)

  7. R (verified owner)

    I have been programming Raspberry pi for a variety of home automation and SDR projects for some time now but this one caught my eye, since i wanted to upgrade my old sprinkler controls with an advanced, WiFi/Cloud/App based module and had a spare Raspberry Pi B+ lying around. I was able to get it up an running within few minutes but it took me few hours to pull the old unit out of the wall and wire this awesome open source gizmo. Its been running for over a month now w/o any issues. I might figure out a way to add the LCD module and may be write few python scripts to send additional email/sms notifications.

  8. Henry (verified owner)

    This thing was awesome and worked out of the box! I got the Raspberry Pi at Fry’s and set up OpenSprinkler software on it. Once this hardware came in (and the expansion board), I plugged it all up and it all worked! Great product and fun to control my sprinklers from my phone. Saved money and has a much nicer interface than the old Hunter manual controller.

  9. Marty Mendelson (verified owner)

    Awesome Kit! Bought it the end of February 2017. Arrived in mail early March. Had a warm spell, so I pulled the obsolete Rainbird and installed OSPi. Electrically tested it out same day. Just had my first chance to charge the system and do a live test.

    This system is gonna work out well for me and was way cheaper to retro-fit it to an existing system.

  10. Paul PEARSON

    I have had this Raspberry driven machine for close to two years. It was straightforward setting up and has worked flawlessly since. The ability to remotely control over the internet is so so handy!. The app for my android and iOS is simple to use, very capable and reliable.

  11. Rick (verified owner)

    This works great! I like this much better than any commercial product out there. It is reliable, responsive, fast, and very easy to put together! I like the fact I can run two zones at the same time as well…something I’ve always wanted to do. Thanks for all the hard work put into this!

  12. Patrick Rock (verified owner)

    It just works! The only trouble I had was self-inflicted on a firewall setup for Internet access of the app.

  13. Michael

    I have had one of these for a few years now. It has been rock solid. I have six zones on 5000 square feet of landscape and the OSPI on wifi. It is so easy to manage and adjust for the seasons. Having an app for the phone is a plus. I can just turn on the sprinklers wherever I am in the lawn and make the adjustments needed. No running back and forth, no running sprinklers in the rain.. My water bill is a perfict bell curve over the year.

  14. Andre

    Works out of the box and high quality. Very easy to setup if you have basic Linux experience and can read instructions. Exceptional value given the features.

  15. Glen

    I love OSPi, it does everything I want, I have total control, unlike the Toro brand that I was using before. The ease of set up was amazing! Thanks, Ray for an incredible product!

  16. Sean (verified owner)

    So Simple, and not a lot of overhead for a Pi 2. This is one of the simplest pi projects I have implemented. This can be setup within an hour, and utilization on the pi2 is less than ~4% CPU Utilization and 8.5% Memory. The Website is the only-thing that uses any real load on the Pi, which is why appears as simplistic, but is really so that it can be lightweight with next to no changes.

    I had an existing sprinkler system, and it was an rip and replace install with no modification needed.

  17. patxi (verified owner)


    My OpenSprinkler arrived broken during transport and Ray was kind enough to send me a replacement. The OpenSprinkler is very easy to set up with some minimal Linux administration knowledge and the manual and instructions are clear. I’m using it indoors with a 24 V AC water pump, instead of the suggested solenoid valve and works as intended. To be noted that the Raspberry Pi 3 does indeed (as advertised in the product description) require more power than a simple 24 V AC. This requires feeding the Raspberry Pi 3 through its microusb port and remove that side panel or cut a square of adequate proportions.

  18. Adrian (verified owner)

    Seriously, $20 off on the day when mine arrives in the mail!
    That’s bad luck!

    But that’s not a reflection on the product.
    Great looking PCB.
    I had it working on the bench within 15 minutes of unboxing it.

    Can’t wait to install it in the garden

  19. tonyc

    I have been using OpenSprinkler PI for a couple of years now and of all my IoT projects this is my favourite. I use the system to control the watering my Garden in France. The system is easy to build and operate and has been 100% reliable for me over the years. Great Job guys!

  20. JJ Anderson (verified owner)

    can I not give it 10 stars?

  21. jerryk (verified owner)

    This little guy has been running my drip irrigation system without failure or complaint. I mounted it in a PVC enclosure – the kind you use for outdoor electrical work, together with a transformer for the 24V and the PI power supply. There is no monitor or keyboard. The PI connects to my home wifi. I am using the “Python Interval Program” written by Dan Kimberling.

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