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    So i finally got around to finishing my open sprinkler 1.4u i ordered well over a year ago.

    It was my first soldering and irrigation project so it took  me a little while to get it all together. But lo and behold i finished it a couple nights ago.

    I tested the voltages on the board and everything checked out. So i hooked up the lcd and found everything to be functioning properly, however the lcd was illegible due to insuficcient contrast of the displayed text.

    the screen is bright but i can barely see the text. I have to angle it to be able to read it at all.

    I admit the sloppiest soldering on the board is on connection of lcd to pin adaptor. After noticing this i went back and cleaned up the solder bridges on that interface and it still the same issue

    I can post pictures if that will help.

    im just curious if this problem has been seen before? could i have perhaps ruined my lcd w/ extended solder heat? is it just a defunct lcd?


    either way thanks for any advice anyone can provide! i look forward to working with this as i now have a robust application. cheers!





    Wow, 1.4 has been discontinued a long time ago and I have to remind myself how the contrast works on this version. If I recall correctly, 1.4 uses a resistor voltage divider to create the voltage that controls contrast. It’s possible that you may have soldered the wrong resistor — according to the instructions ( RLED is a 100 ohm resistor. Please confirm this is the case. If you soldered a different resistor to RLED, that will create the wrong voltage for contrast.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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OpenSprinkler Forums Hardware Questions 1.4u Dim LCD screen