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    I confirmed that there seems to be a bug while updating to the New Firmware 2.18 on OS3. After installing it resets to default. Logging back in to the unit from an Android phone works however it will not let the android phone access the webif page to setup the wifi after the update. I have tried on two new controllers out of the box with mobile chrome and edge. You can log on from a windows computer via wifi and set the wifi settings. Reboot, and then the android phone can access the os3 webif. This maybe an issue for some you you are working offsite like I do especially while updating.

    Further note, the reason I am able to confirm this, is I picked up on the problem last week when I built a new unit to deploy. I figured I try the new firmware. Any I experienced this last week. I even factory reset the unit after the update. Well my crew went to deploy the unit today, and it had been plugged in on my work bench all week but I have not looked at it since finish up with it last week. Anyhow the OLED screen appears dead however I was able to access the webif. I do not know if the OLED failure is related to the OS FW update or just a coincidence but I pulled out another OS3 new in the box and re-set it up and confirmed the same update issue as the previous. As for the OLED, I will be calling to RMA the unit. I do not know if it is firmware related or just a bad unit.

    With the new weather API service do we need a new key from the new service?



    Maybe another bug.

    I removed my weatherunderground api, and rebooted. I seem to not be able to get any weather updates. It tells me I need a weather underground key. Which I have, but I removed it to see if there was any difference. I did reboot the unit as well and reset my local. Any suggestions on what to try next.



    Regarding the weather updates, this appeared to be a bug with our weather service. We have since resolved this. Please let us know if you continue to have the weather update issues.

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