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    Hi all,
    I’ve probably found a problem which is related to
    and to

    This morning (00:38) I checked the OS with the app: a program was running on a station.
    I was waiting for the program to end, while I noticed that it was in a loop. The timer in the green area on top was running back and when it reached 00:00 it started again, and again, and again …

    The program was as follow
    start 20:30
    stop 22:30
    on for 1 minute, every 30 min and every day with master station on

    A closer inspection revealed that the system clock was 22:30, but each time the program ended at 22:31, the clock was brought back at 22:30. This, most likely, caused the program to start again.

    I then went down the garden to check the valves and the one involved was warm, indicating that probably it was opened since the “true” 22:30.

    The logs were unaivalable for some reason: but this is probably another issue. After the problem which I wrongly assumed due to the rain sensor, the log page was blank. I launched some run-once programs but the events were NOT recorded in the log page. This happened before I discovered the loop, while the rain sensor was detecting rain.

    I turn the water circuit off, since last friday, just because I feel that something was not going right, so I did not waste water.

    Finally, I slided the switch on the OS off and went to bed.

    This morning, 07:30, I turned it on again and the situation was not changed. The loop was still there, running and resetting the system time to 22:30.

    Instead of rebooting, I placed the OS into “action off “.
    This seems to have restored immediately a normal operation.
    The time reported by the system is right and the logs are back again.
    But they do not indicate any activity after Sept. 10th.

    Edit. On another programm and another station the logs reports 447 cycles !! This time 30s at 22:59 on Sept, 9th



    What version of OpenSprinkler do you have, and which firmware is it running? This sounds like a RTC (real-time clock) issue. The microcontroller reads time from the RTC every minute, and if the RTC is not running correctly the time will be wrong. In other threads you mentioned checking the RTC battery, is the battery is good condition (the voltage should be at least 2.7V)?



    I will check the battery voltage. Thanks
    All the other details are written in the signature.



    3.2 V, apparently a good one.
    But after placing the battery back ….. viewtopic.php?f=2&t=836#p5987



    Well I can’t think of any obvious reason why your clock resets after the program run. Just to be sure: does the clock resets even if no program is running, or does it resets only if a program has run?



    I’m checking the clock from time to time and this behaviour seems triggered by programs. I’ve never seen it without programs. But as we are approaching a wet season, I will keep an eye on the clock with disabled programs.



    Hi all.
    what is described above has happened again. The clock was resetting at 21:59 again and again.
    Luckily enough I was there and was able to stop everything before wasting a lot of water.
    The series
    36, 10, 9, 21,… sec
    21:59, 21:59, 21:59, …
    is due to the fact that the sprinklers insisted on coming out and I insisted on stopping them.

    The real time was around 23:15, july, 7th, thursday and I was able, by pure chance, to attend at the first event marked 21:59:01

    I think I have a problem in the RTC but I do not know ho to solve it. Any idea ?

    I’ve checked the battery and seems in good conditions, 3.2 V. It was replaced last year.

    (Firmware 2.1.5(1),
    android and web app 1.46,
    HW 2.1(AC),
    GT-i9300 samsung, android 4.3,
    Linux Mint Qiana, MATE, Firefox ).



    At the moment I think it’s best if you submit a support ticket and we can arrange for support.

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