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    for a new installation, it appears that the DC version might be preferred. i plan to use off the shelf 24vac valves (and landscape lighting via the 2.1.1-supported remote power sockets). what are the considerations for deciding which version (ac or dc) of OpenSprinkler to get?

    thanks. dgr



    I generally recommend the DC-powered version, because it’s more flexible in terms of power options. You can power it with a USB adapter (through USB cable), or the included power adapter, or 12V DC solar panel. The DC-powered version has been tested with many off-the-shelf 24VAC valves, and also pump start relays, and have worked well with them.



    Sorry about bumping an old thread. Just joined here and have the same question. I currently have a late 1990’s vintage Rainbird 6-zone controller with an external 24VAC wall wort plugged in next to it. The other 115VAC outlet in that spot is running a refrigerator. I just want to replace the Rainbird so I can get to it from my phone outside the house. I’m trying to figure out which Opensprinkler 3.0 power option I should be buying? To me it seems like buying the 24VAC version is my best bet for a simple replacement. Have I missed something? (Wanted to add that I’d probably buy another 24VAC power supply anyway since the one I have is old at this point.)

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    That is the easiest solution if you don’t want to replace the power adapter however the DC version will also drive AC valves but would require a different power supply (included with the DC version).

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