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    If I were to add a digital temperature sensor to this setup, where would be a good place to attach it to the OSPi?
    I can’t seem to find anything listing what all of the remaining pins do after you have it all hooked up.

    Any help is appreciated!



    you’d need to connect the 1-wire temp probe to the appropriate Raspberry Pi GPIO pin, install the driver, and modify the sprinkler app to read and use this as current/local temperature, presumably combined with the wunderground data. not sure what you had in mind.

    there are lots of how-to’s out there, see for example http://www.raspberrypi-spy.co.uk/2013/03/raspberry-pi-1-wire-digital-thermometer-sensor/




    OSPi takes four GPIOs (these cannot be shared with other devices), and the I2C pins (these can be shared with other I2C devices). This diagram shows which pins are taken by OSPi:
    The other pins are free and you can use any of them.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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