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    I’ve had this strange issue with my OS (DIY kit v2.1u) since I’ve had it, not all that serious that I’m panicked about it but finally got time to post it here…

    If the OS has been off for a little while, I gather enough time for the capacitors to completely discharge, and then powered on (power failure etc) the backlight briefly flashes and the network port LEDs come on but no display characters at all, no matter how long it is left, and no network connection and no program run.
    If the OS was operating fine and display normal and I power off, switch or pull 24VAC connector, and then power back on reasonably quick, probably before the capacitors have fully discharged, then the OS boots up fine again and all is well.

    To get the OS back to normal operation after the “extended” power loss I have to unplug wither the station COM wire connector or the station connector and then power on which then boots fine and I can then plug the COM or station connector back in and all runs perfectly fine operating all stations as and when they are programmed to, until the next power failure.

    I have four stations of two in each of two locations and run one common wire to each pair.
    At first I thought it may be a faulty solenoid or that I’d got a crossed wire somewhere so I disconnected all the station wires and then only connected up one each at a time but the problem remained regardless of whether I had one or all four stations connected.
    I also ran a completely new cable, just over the ground, to the closet station pair and only wired up one (and then the other separately) but still have the same symptom. It doesn’t seem to make any difference which way the solenoid is wired with its two wires to the COM or station pins).

    If I power off the OS, and wait the appropriately long time, and then power on using the USB it powers on just fine (of course would not run the stations), after which I can then power on the 24VAC and remove the USB and all runs fine.

    Any ideas?

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OpenSprinkler Forums Hardware Questions Blank display on boot when stations connected