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    I’m trying to connect to my Opensprinkler, but the app doesnt work nor does the browser using the IP address of the OS.

    I’ve reset the client router, and the OpenSprinkler. I’ve also confirmed the IP address on my router is an attached device and the OS shows internet connectivity on the LED Screen.

    Any ideas? I’m surprised I can’t connect via the IP address. That was always my fallback in the past. I’m on the same Wifi network as the TP-Link Wifi client router.



    Please check on your router if the OS is connected and which IP address it got. Also the OS may faulty indicate that it has a correct IP address.
    I had my router configured to always give my OS a specific IP address. When I reinstalled OS from its winter sleep it didn’t work. I found out after 2h search that another device was sitting on its IP and it couldn’t get it.

    There are many possibilities. Try to check your router and then reduce the switches and access points in between if OS is not connected directly to your router. Can you still connect to your TP-Link?



    In advance, I know I am doing something wrong. 🙂

    I am able to connect via my aondroid app and control OpenSprinkler. From a browser (edge and Chrome), I see the login page, and I enter my password. It simply hangs. I have tried an incognito window, in case there was something cached.

    Any thoughts on what to check?



    The first thing to check is to verify the IP address is correct: click button B1 on OpenSprinkler to display the IP address (And port number, in case the port number is not 80). Make sure the IP address matches what you typed into the browser; also, if the port number is not 80, you need to explicitly type the port number (separated from the IP address by a colon).

    Another possible issue is to check whether your network has Internet connection. Because the Javascripts required to render the homepage are stored on cloud server, whatever browser you are using to access the controller should have Internet access. Otherwise, try the OpenSprinkler mobile app, which embeds the Javascripts and hence does not need Internet access.



    I was having the same issue, using windows 10. I tried chrome, firefox, internet explorer, edge, and opera. I would get to the login page, enter my password and nothing happens. I allowed for javascripts to run, I added the ip to my trusted zone and disabled my popup blocker, still could not get passed the login screen. Then I disabled my virus protection to try it, and then it loaded and everything is fine now. Hope that helps.



    @legend99 – You solved the issue! Thanks for your help!

    I had Avast running, and I turned off WebShield. It worked immediately.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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