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    Anyone else having this problem. Woke you this morning and checked my OS system. The clock is off and the Calendar tells me it is July 30, 2092. Didn’t think I had slept THAT long.

    Same thing on both my iPhone and iPad. Both devices show proper time and date on the home screen. Turning the OS App off and back on doesn’t resolve the issue.

    Any ideas here? Do I need to restart the OS itself?



    Bowman Mod

    Having exactly the same problem. Clock and date goes haywire rendering the unit unusable or unreliable. 2092, 2053 and 1970 are just some years I’ve had. It can change in front of your eyes and running programs go on and off. It also affects logs and the system message ‘system idle’ comes up a fair bit.

    I believe it coincided with the latest app update but it also happens on the web browser.

    I have a replacement from a previous hardware issue so I will try that tomorrow.

    Anything to add Ray?

    OS v2.3



    Bowman – When I reset the machine, All was well. Could have been the result of some storms we had that dropped power to the house.



    The time has nothing to do with the weather script — time is obtained through NTP sync, it doesn’t go through the weather call.

    Again, if there is any hardware support request, please submit a support ticket. There is a good reason to do so — we need to verify order number and version of hardware. We’ve had plenty of cases where people who bought OpenSprinkler clones (i.e. products that use our firmware, software and app but are not made or sold by us at all) seek support from us, because these clones do not make it clear that it’s not made by us. For that reason, we will need to check the order number to make sure it is something that we have sold and that we are not providing free support for other companies products.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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OpenSprinkler Forums Hardware Questions OpenSprinkler Clock and calendar gone crazy