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    I have been working on using the analog inputs on OSPi and thinking of how to connect. I could use wires of course but a connector that come off the side of the board would work well and work with the existing case by cutting a hole for it. But the hole spacing doesn’t work with any right angle connectors I am aware of. A vertical connector is going to be very close to the Pi. Thinking of taking a dual row right angle connector and bending some of the back row of pins to connect to the inputs and 3.3V. I need 5V for my sensor (will divide down the output voltage to get 3.3V max a/d input) so will need to jumper that to a pin. Or I could solder short wires and use a connector on the end of the wires.

    What have others done for connecting this? Just realized I need to connect to solid wires – I am using a couple spare valve cable wires to get the signals from a remote sensor. I may just solder on some wires about 12″ long and use some small wire nuts to splice to the valve cables. Could be neater but it gets the job done.



    I added a cape to my OSBo by using stackable headers which made modifications to the existing case necessary. In retrospect it might have been easier to just ditch the existing case and come up with a different enclosure. The main function of the case is really just to protect the electronics (IMHO anyway!) and you can protect them with any number of different options out there. I’ve used electrical junction boxes from Home Depot like this one before for a few electronics projects. They’re not expensive, comem in different sizes, weather proof, and I can pick them up locally.



    The ADC pinouts were designed by assuming you directly solder a few wires to the pins. For example, a typical analog sensor has three pins: VCC, GND and signal. In some cases you can directly solder the analog sensor to these pins without using any extra wires. That’s why I didn’t think of having the rows match a standard pitch…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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OpenSprinkler Forums Hardware Questions OpenSprinkler Pi (OSPi) Connecting to the a/d inputs