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    Sorry in advance if this question exists but I couldn’t easily locate a search function to check.

    I have installed a TP-Link nano router as suggested and eventually got the router working in client mode.  (I found it to be quite flakey as a product)

    I have now connected the TP-Link and it works sporatically (nothing to do with opensprinker).  In the process of trying to fault find I noticed the OpenSprinkler display is showing an “arrow” instead of the usual network display.

    What does this indicate?

    The arrow changes to a normal display if the ethernet cable is disconnected from the TP-Link.

    I am powering the nano link from the Vin/Gnd pins; so it all powers up together.  I assume that is acceptable?

    The Opensprinkler is full operational on a direct ethernet cable so the problem lies with the tp-link wifi client.

    Does anyone have a few diagnostic tips?


    cheers,  Greg




    I’m guessing the arrow appears once every 60s? If that is the case it’s probably the connectivity routine checking your network. if it’s permanently on screen then there might be another problem.

    Perhaps there isn’t enough power for the TP-Link device, try an external supply.



    The arrow is shown when the controller pings the router to see if it’s still connected. It does so every 30 to 60 seconds (forgot the exact interval). If the screen gets stuck with the arrow, it means the controller is not able to reach the router, so typically indicating a connection problem.

    Are you using DHCP or static IP? If you are using static IP on OpenSprinkler, you have to make sure to set the correct gateway (i.e. router) IP. Otherwise the controller will not be able to reach the router.



    Really appreciate the fast responses.  Thank you.  Because the open sprinkler is in a waterproof box outside the arrow will be a good help in fault finding.  I will have to study the code at some stage to determine how it works.

    djagerif ; Just for information – The arrow appears continously unless the ethernet connection to the tp-link is disconnected or after some lenghty time the arrow will swap to a normal network display (although it is not pingable from the network).

     I feel the power supply is adequate to supply the router, I was just wondering about any start up timing issues.

    ray;  DHCP  – I have reserved an IP address using the MAC.   I had a lot of problems getting the TP – LINK to works as a client but once it was working I connected to the opensprinkler and all seemed ok.  Then the connection just became erratic or intermittent (lost connection messages) and then just stopped completely. I will see if there is some way to get the RF signal strength or even the Bit error rate (BER) from both end of the connevtion to determine if I have local interference or just bad reception.

    PS.  i am really enjoying this product; as a electronic hobbiest but also as a gardener.

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OpenSprinkler Forums OpenSprinkler Unified Firmware Display showing ?? "Arrow" for network status