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    I have been running this OS for a long long time. All of a sudden I could not access it, so i went and checked it and saw the 0x2D Error. I restarted it, came inside and looked the error up on the forum. Searching the forum i see it is likely an SD Card issue.

    When it happened a zone was watering. I had it up in a browser and even though the zone had physically stopped, it showed the zone still running hours later.

    But if it is an SD card failure, why would it boot up and be running ok after recycling the power?

    I guess if i see it again, i will swap out the SD card.



    0x2D means SD card issue. This error is shown when the controller reboots and couldn’t detect the SD card, or detect an error in the SD card.

    Look, I think some of the issues you are seeing may be inter-related. I’ve already mentioned in another thread that perhaps try to reduce the number of zones. In fact, why not perform a factory reset, and keep it in that state (do not import configurations) and monitor it for a while. If the symptoms are gone, that gives us some knowledge about what could have gone wrong (as I said, possibly a data buffer corruption issue due to large data transfer). If you don’t test it in the factory reset state, that won’t help isolate the problem and the result is a bunch of problems stacking together and we don’t know the root cause.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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