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    Dan in CA

    NOTE: It is recommended that the method for updating from an older version should be used for this update rather than a simple git pull:

    1. This update includes multiple language support for the web interface.
      Thanks to Martin Pihrt for requesting this feature and providing the Czech translation.
      To switch languages, select from the language: drop-down list on the Options page then click RESTART under System Restart.
      If you would like to translate the web interface into your favorite language, see the instructions on the GitHub wiki
    2. The new RESTART button under Options > System Restart will restart the software without requireing a full hardware reboot, but the system must be set up to load the program using a script in /etc/init.d as described on the rayshobby wiki.
    3. I have started adding some documentation to the wiki on GitHub because it is much easier and faster. I can edit files locally using Haroopad which produces GitHub flavored markdown. Then I use Git to push updates when they are ready. This makes for a really nice work flow.
    4. Timezone/date handleling has been updated. This should fix problems with  the irrigation timeline on the home page of the web interface. It also displays the time/date at the actual location of the OSPi unit when accessing the web interface remotely from a different time zone.
      You must have the timezone set correctly on the Raspberry Pi. See the raspi documentation for details:
    5. The Python Blinker module has been added to the software distribution. Blinker provides fast & simple object-to-object and broadcast signaling. This allows events in the core program to trigger functions in plugins without the need for a plugin to to keep polling for changes.
      There is a demo plugin named If you start the ospi program manually from the command line the plugin will print a message when any of several events occur. This feature will allow several plugins to be used at the same time without using a lot of processor cycles.



    Dan in CA

    I would like to thank Jose Zapater for contributing a Spanish translation for the web interface.

    Some text on the home page was not showing the translations. That has now been fixed.



    Niv Gal Waizer

    I found a typo and don’t know where to report it:

    diff –git a/ b/
    index 1f958e2..bb6df06 100644
    — a/
    +++ b/
    @@ -19,7 +19,7 @@ from gpio_pins import set_output

    def timing_loop():
    “”” ***** Main timing algorithm. Runs in a separate thread.***** “””
    –    print _(‘Starting timing loop’) + ‘\n’
    +    print (‘Starting timing loop’) + ‘\n’
    last_min = 0
    while True:  # infinite loop


    Dan in CA

    If you are referring to the “_” character, it is actually the name of a function that enables translations to work. If you look into any of the .html files in the templates directory you will see a lot of them.




    Not at all, Dan.




    Hello Dan does your ospi have android app?

    Also by the way. The direction on how to install this software on pi is kinda of outdated. The direction for the old version is working fine its installed in directory OSPi. For the new one it doesn’t download. Its asking for account and password on github. The way I did it is I downloaded the zip file of SIP. Extracted on the right directory and its working.

    Also on the newer direction of how to install it. the auto start doesn’t work because the doesn’t exist. You actually have to replace with to make it work. And also don’t move the to etc/init.d/sip but just copy it because whatever code in its looking for a file so if you move it it won’t start automatically.

    I manage to install it with old direction and new direction mixed together.

    By the way thanks for this web software. Its awesome.

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