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    Mark Dayel

    Any update on this? Would be very useful.




    I’d also like to know if there are any updates on showing this in the UI outside of the timeline view and showing it per station (since it’s already logged?).

    It would also help to see consumption per station over time if it was logged historically. But that’s more of a wish. Then it could be used to identify if something drastically changed in the setup.



    Hi Ray,

    is there any update planned for the near future.
    For me it seems that there is no interest from the developers side to implement this, not only for me, very important feature.
    Years ago you wrote in ths forum, that you will start to imlement it.
    But as I see there is no change on this.

    Thanks fpr a clear statemant from your side.



    I am also interested in this enhancement.
    I think the following changes would be very helpful for those of us with flow meters:

    1. Include the Flow Rate on the Logs UI
    2. Add a Flow Rate Target parameter to the station configuration
    3. Send out the “Flow Rate Target” value from #2 when sending the IFTTT Station Run Event.
    4. Create a new IFTTT Flow Alert Event that is only sent when the Station Flow Rate is bigger than the Station Flow Rate Target.

    Attached are what the first 3 changes could look like:



    I honestly have no time to work on this. During the pandemic we lost all employees, and I have a new born baby, so life is busier than ever before. The entire project is open-source. If you can, you could find a programmer to help you implement any new feature you want.



    Oh congrats! That definitely can be a busy time.

    I do agree and that was the main point for me choosing OpenSprinkler as an open source project.

    So, thanks for the update and setting our expectations so we can move forward externally.



    Hey @Ray, as suggested I’ve submitted pull request #252 to add basic flow alerts with no changes to the UI required. Let me know your thoughts as I think others on the forum can utilize this feature.

Viewing 7 posts - 26 through 32 (of 32 total)
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