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    I recently upgraded to firmware 2.1.3 and have begun updating a library that interacts with OpenSprinkler, during my testing I found that I can not turn a station on for infinite time.

    The latest document ( says that:

    t: Timer (in seconds). Acceptable range is 0 to 64800 (18 hours). The timer value must be provided if opening a station.

    But when I attempt to turn on a station with: http://<IP>/cm?pw=<MD5 Hash>&sid=0&en=1&t=0

    I get:

    { “result”: 17}

    Which is: Out of Range (e.g. value exceeds the acceptable range)

    Changing t parameter to any positive number with everything else the same works successfully.

    Is this a bug in the firmware 2.1.3 API or expected behavior and the API document is wrong?



    This is actually the expected behaviour. Since we removed manual mode starting with firmware 2.1.0, we no longer allow indefinite durations for zones. The reason is the controller is always in scheduling mode and a station open indefintely means no other stations will be queued behind it since the station doesn’t have an end time.

    Is there a reason you need to open a station indefintely?



    I use the OpenHAB automation software ( and the OpenSprinkler plugin that was created for it and don’t actually schedule anything in OpenSprinkler at all and let my master home automation controller handle everything. I also have been doing maintenance coding for the plugin.

    While I personally can’t think of a reason I would need infinite time limit, individuals that use central controllers for all their home automation might have varying needs that could require it. For example, let’s say some one has an OpenHAB setup where they have a Koubachi ( plant sensor and an OpenSprinkler device and a number of scripts to maintain a garden. It is possible in this case for OpenHAB to read in sensor data from the Koubachi and have user scripts that activate a watering system through the OpenSprinkler. Now lets say the the watering system is a slow drip system and it takes a day or so to fully water a plant bed slowly.

    In a case like this (and many others where central home automation is used), it would be highly preferred the sprinkler controller act dumb and let the home automation controller handle turning stations on and off without interference.



    Well, in that case, the only real suggestion I have is to downgrade the firmware back to a version that supports manual mode (2.0.9 or below). Since all the new features don’t matter in a setting where the controller gets sent instructions to turn on or off I think that should be okay.

    You could also just append the largest value possible to the time value (18 hours for 2.1.3) and let it run until the OpenHAB instructions OpenSprinkler to turn the station off. Although the station would turn off after 18 hours regardless, I hope this would cover the majority of durations needed.



    Can you send me the instlation steps intgration OpenSprinkler Pi with Open HAB.

    This is what I did
    1. I installed Open HAB on Raspberry Pi and it did worked (
    2. I installed Open Sprinkler firmware 2.1.6(1) Open sprinkler is working (used
    but after that Open HAB did not work
    When I enter on the browser :
    I got {“result”:32}

    Please let me know what need to be change/configure




    @CrackerStealth: as Samer said, in the latest firmware, we have explicitly disabled the ability to set any station to run indefinitely. My suggestion is to use the maximum t value (64800) and if needed have some way to periodically (every 18 hours or so) resend the command to renew it for another 18 hours.

    : seems OpenHAB and OpenSprinkler are both using the same port (8080) so they cannot both run at the same time. You need to change the HTTP port number on one of them.

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