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    I have Python Interval Program for OpenSprinkler Pi running on a Rasberry Pi.
    It has been working OK for a long time but recently I discovered that it died … could not contact it via webinterface or ssh.
    Power reset got it airborne but after a couple of days … the same thing happened.
    I decided to make an update so I ssh to it and login.
    This is what I got.
    I have Firmware version: 1.8.3

    raivo@ospi-raspi ~/OSPi $ git pull

    remote: Counting objects: 710, done.
    remote: Compressing objects: 100% (333/333), done.
    remote: Total 710 (delta 410), reused 644 (delta 366)
    Receiving objects: 100% (710/710), 281.35 KiB | 47 KiB/s, done.
    Resolving deltas: 100% (410/410), done.
    From https://github.com/Dan-in-CA/OSPi
    + 4496f83…aee472a master -> origin/master (forced update)
    * [new branch] firmware_based -> origin/firmware_based
    Auto-merging urls.py
    CONFLICT (add/add): Merge conflict in urls.py
    Auto-merging templates/monthly.html
    CONFLICT (add/add): Merge conflict in templates/monthly.html
    Removing static/scripts/java/svc1.8.3/viewstations.js
    Removing static/scripts/java/svc1.8.3/viewro.js
    Removing static/scripts/java/svc1.8.3/viewprog.js
    Removing static/scripts/java/svc1.8.3/viewoptions.js
    Removing static/scripts/java/svc1.8.3/progmode.js
    Removing static/scripts/java/svc1.8.3/plotprog.js
    Removing static/scripts/java/svc1.8.3/modprog.js
    Removing static/scripts/java/svc1.8.3/manualmode.js
    CONFLICT (modify/delete): static/scripts/java/svc1.8.3/home.js deleted in aee472a150e7c27cd7b1f0c68c47fe104a99696e and modified in HEAD. Version HEAD of static/scripts/java/svc1.8.3/home.js left in tree.
    Removing static/log/water_log.csv
    CONFLICT (modify/delete): sd_reference.txt deleted in aee472a150e7c27cd7b1f0c68c47fe104a99696e and modified in HEAD. Version HEAD of sd_reference.txt left in tree.
    Auto-merging plugins/relay.py
    CONFLICT (add/add): Merge conflict in plugins/relay.py
    Auto-merging plugins/monthly_adj.py
    CONFLICT (add/add): Merge conflict in plugins/monthly_adj.py
    Auto-merging plugins/mobile_app.py
    CONFLICT (add/add): Merge conflict in plugins/mobile_app.py
    Auto-merging plugins/__init__.py
    CONFLICT (add/add): Merge conflict in plugins/__init__.py
    Removing ospi_addon.py
    Auto-merging ospi.py
    CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in ospi.py
    Auto-merging gpio_pins.py
    CONFLICT (add/add): Merge conflict in gpio_pins.py
    Auto-merging README.md
    CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in README.md
    Auto-merging .gitignore
    CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in .gitignore
    Automatic merge failed; fix conflicts and then commit the result.

    The next ‘git pull’ gives:

    raivo@ospi-raspi ~/OSPi $ git pull
    U .gitignore
    A .settings/.gitignore
    A LICENSE.md
    U README.md
    A data/.gitignore
    M data/options.txt
    A data/snames.json
    U gpio_pins.py
    A gv_reference.txt
    A i18n/.gitignore
    A i18n/OSPi_messages.pot
    U ospi.py
    D ospi_addon.py
    U plugins/__init__.py
    U plugins/mobile_app.py
    U plugins/monthly_adj.py
    U plugins/relay.py
    A plugins/weather_adj.py
    U sd_reference.txt
    A static/images/BlueTile.png
    A static/images/favicon.ico
    A static/images/icons/._svc_delall.png20669992997729653.tmp
    D static/images/icons/svc_back.png
    D static/images/icons/svc_cal.png
    D static/images/icons/svc_del.png
    D static/images/icons/svc_edit.png
    D static/log/water_log.csv
    A static/scripts/behaviors.js
    A static/scripts/intervalSelect.js
    U static/scripts/java/svc1.8.3/home.js
    D static/scripts/java/svc1.8.3/manualmode.js
    D static/scripts/java/svc1.8.3/modprog.js
    D static/scripts/java/svc1.8.3/plotprog.js
    D static/scripts/java/svc1.8.3/progmode.js
    D static/scripts/java/svc1.8.3/viewoptions.js
    D static/scripts/java/svc1.8.3/viewprog.js
    D static/scripts/java/svc1.8.3/viewro.js
    D static/scripts/java/svc1.8.3/viewstations.js
    A static/scripts/jquery-1.8.2.min.js
    A static/scripts/schedule.js
    A static/themes/basic/BlueTile.png
    A static/themes/basic/base.css
    A static/themes/basic/checkmark.png
    A static/themes/basic/collapsed.png
    A static/themes/basic/expanded.png
    A static/themes/basic/grass.jpg
    A static/themes/basic/grass.png
    A static/themes/basic/home.png
    A static/themes/basic/icons/svc_add.png
    A static/themes/basic/icons/svc_addall.png
    A static/themes/basic/icons/svc_auto.png
    A static/themes/basic/icons/svc_back.png
    A static/themes/basic/icons/svc_cal.png
    A static/themes/basic/icons/svc_del.png
    A static/themes/basic/icons/svc_delall.png
    A static/themes/basic/icons/svc_edit.png
    A static/themes/basic/icons/svc_log.png
    A static/themes/basic/icons/svc_manual.png
    A static/themes/basic/icons/svc_mod.png
    A static/themes/basic/icons/svc_no.png
    A static/themes/basic/icons/svc_options.png
    A static/themes/basic/icons/svc_preview.png
    A static/themes/basic/icons/svc_rain.png
    A static/themes/basic/icons/svc_reboot.png
    A static/themes/basic/icons/svc_refresh.png
    A static/themes/basic/icons/svc_reset.png
    A static/themes/basic/icons/svc_start.png
    A static/themes/basic/icons/svc_stop.png
    A static/themes/basic/icons/svc_submit.png
    A static/themes/basic/icons/svc_weather.png
    A static/themes/basic/logo.png
    A static/themes/basic/off.png
    A static/themes/basic/on.png
    A static/themes/basic/whitestripes.png
    A static/themes/original/BlueTile.png
    A static/themes/original/base.css
    A static/themes/original/icons/svc_add.png
    A static/themes/original/icons/svc_addall.png
    A static/themes/original/icons/svc_auto.png
    A static/themes/original/icons/svc_back.png
    A static/themes/original/icons/svc_cal.png
    A static/themes/original/icons/svc_del.png
    A static/themes/original/icons/svc_delall.png
    A static/themes/original/icons/svc_edit.png
    A static/themes/original/icons/svc_log.png
    A static/themes/original/icons/svc_manual.png
    A static/themes/original/icons/svc_mod.png
    A static/themes/original/icons/svc_no.png
    A static/themes/original/icons/svc_options.png
    A static/themes/original/icons/svc_preview.png
    A static/themes/original/icons/svc_rain.png
    A static/themes/original/icons/svc_reboot.png
    A static/themes/original/icons/svc_refresh.png
    A static/themes/original/icons/svc_reset.png
    A static/themes/original/icons/svc_start.png
    A static/themes/original/icons/svc_stop.png
    A static/themes/original/icons/svc_submit.png
    A static/themes/original/icons/svc_weather.png
    A templates/home.html
    M templates/log.html
    A templates/login.html
    A templates/modify.html
    U templates/monthly.html
    A templates/options.html
    A templates/programs.html
    A templates/runonce.html
    A templates/schedule.html
    A templates/stations.html
    A templates/weather_adj.html
    U urls.py
    Pull is not possible because you have unmerged files.
    Please, fix them up in the work tree, and then use ‘git add/rm
    as appropriate to mark resolution, or use ‘git commit -a’.

    How can this be fixed ?



    I am seeing the EXACT same problem on my board, too. I have the same firmware version and last year’s OSPi hardware (July 2013)

    After I got into the mess above, I tried re-pulling the code cleanly (copied over this merged mess to a separate directory and re-creating the OSPi from a git clone) and then dropping in snames.json and options.txt from my old install, but that failed miserably. Completely down now.




    I’ve been seeing this problem about being unable to ssh in or contact the app via mobile or (old) web interfaces for quite some time (most of the summer). It will run about 1 week, maybe 2, and then this problem manifests. I have to reboot the OSPi to get back to normal.

    I’ve tried updating the rpi OS (operating system, not Open Sprinkler) multiple times via apt-get update/upgrade but this hasn’t changed behavior.

    I feel vindicated that another user is finally reporting this issue. Are you running longer term tests on older boards with older firmware?


    Dan in CA

    I would suggest reviewing the instructions on the wiki:

    It might be a good idea to use a new SD card also especially if you have had logging enabled.

    The files from your old installation that contain your settings are:
    sd.json – contains the option settings and other preeferences
    snames.txt – contains station names
    programs.json – contains irrigation program configurations.




    I removed OSPi directory and cloned a new OSPi directory from git hub … it works now and hopefully it will work in the future …
    You said that ‘It might be a good idea to use a new SD card also especially if you have had logging enabled‘ but I can’t install OS & OSPi to a new card every time this problem occurs.
    Should logging be disabled to avoid this ?
    My OS is updated by ‘sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade && sudo apt-get autoclean && sudo apt-get autoremove && sudo apt-get clean’ so it must be a OSPi problem



    Hi Dan,

    Just to be clear:
    – I was indeed following those exact instructions. I had updated my setup to 2.0.x last fall with the proper git clone.
    – I did nothing more than a git pull, and everything went to hell as zkab noted above. I had not modified any files directly myself.
    – Like zkab, I keep my OSPi up to date with the latest updates and the latest Wheezy updates. This problem did not happen until this Spring, when I pulled a new version of OSPi
    – I have logging DISABLED, I don’t even use that option
    – Recommending that I do a full replace of the SD card every so often is insane. That doesn’t even make sense if I have logging OFF.

    I have tried a clean git clone but it hasn’t addressed the sshd going down randomly after 1 week or so. It must also take out httpd as well, since I can’t use the web app or get mobile app to connect either.


    Dan in CA


    With the new version of the program, it is good to have logging enabled because the irrigation timeline on the home page shows log data in a graphical form.

    The reason I suggested using a new CD card was because daver had mention that he has been running his system for a fairly long time. SD cards can wear out after writing a lot of files to them as explained on the wiki:

    It is a good idea to use a different media to store the log data. I use an 8GB SanDisk Cruzer Fit USB flash drive on my OSPi. It is small enough to fit inside the case with the cover on.




    I guess I should have realized the finite write cycle problem but never really thought about it.

    What is the rough duty time of an SD card? Mine has only been in service for 12 months and like I said, no logging.

    When should I expect it to crap out?

    Any thoughts on the sshd problem that started happening in May?


    Dan in CA


    How are you connecting to the OSPi, wifi?

    Since the ssh server is included with the OS and the OSPi web interface is part of the ospi software and you are loosing access to both, it sounds like it could be a problem in the communication link. Does the OSPi continue to run your sprinklers when you can’t access it?




    I am using WiFi to access it, yes, that’s true.

    The sprinklers do run even when I can’t connect (thank goodness, otherwise my lawn would be toast)

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