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    I’m trying to install OpenSprinkler firmware on GreenIQ hardware (It consists of a RPi 1 A and a relay board connecting to the valves). I detected, by using WiringPi gpio tool, the valves corresponding to each GPIO.

    My problem is that OpenSprinkler Firmware uses some of them (4,17,21,22) for latch,data,clock,output_enable. Is there a possibility to use them for GPIO OUT? If so how? and what would I lose ?

    Thanks for your help,



    I would also be grateful for a modified firmware for the same reason.
    I came across this modified firmware: https://github.com/hugheaves/OpenSprinklerGen2
    However, it is based on a very old version.
    Could someone help update it and integrate and sync it with the latest official version?




    I’m very interested too in that solution (OPENSPRINKLER on old GREENIQ).
    Any one to modify the firmware?
    Another solution is to put a cable between the pi and the relay mother board and changing the connections… but I’m not sure it will fit inside the greenIQ box




    This https://github.com/Dan-in-CA/SIP works on GreenIQ v2. You need use Relay plugin and modify gpio config in plugin code (python). But weather support doesn’t work.
    Now I try to modify Opensprinkler Unified Firmware, but without success till now. I can’t modify gpio config, so all is working, but I can’t control the sections.



    I don’t have a GreenIQ so can’t test. But if you want to get the unified firmware to compile and run on it, I think you just need to modify the pin definitions:
    to pins that are not used by GreenIQ. I don’t know if there is a circuit schematic of GreenIQ (or at least a document about what pins it uses). If you change the firmware’s pin definitions to dummy/unused pins, the firmware should compile and run just fine, and then you can use the GPIO zone feature to define a zone attached to a GPIO pin.



    In GreenIQ v2 the GPIO mapping is as follows:
    [Irrigation channel – CPU pin – 26 pin header pin]
    CH1 – GPIO4 – pin 7
    CH2 – GPIO17 – pin 11
    CH3 – GPIO18 – pin 12
    CH4 – GPIO27 – pin 13
    CH5 – GPIO22 – pin 15
    CH6 – GPIO23 – pin 16
    CH7 – GPIO24 – pin 18
    Light – GPIO25 – pin 22
    Rain Sensor – GPIO15 – pin 10
    Network LED (active ‘1’) – GPIO7 – pin 26

    Irrigation channels are simple “opto relay”s that pass the 24VAC to the output, similar to the OSPi board but skipping the SPI GPIO expander, direct control.



    Did you ever get this resolved? I am trying to use IonoPi and this also requires a change to the pin assignments. I have changed the relevant entries in definitions.h, but the available pins have not changed in the frontend at all…


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