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    I have an OpenSprinkler Hardware 3.0 DC, FW 2.1.8 (2). Recently installed only been running for a few days.

    I have noticed that it seems to fall of the wireless network. If I check the screen on the OpenSprinkler, it still displays its IP however when I check the router it’s no longer shown as connected. If I turn of the WIFI in the router (not rebooting the router, just disabling the wifi in the UI) then re-enable the WIFI it connects again.
    The signal is not great, but its not terrible ether (my router indicated 2/4 bars for whatever that is worth).

    I guess it loosing connection, falls of the network then does not reconnect.

    Can the Sprinkler be configured to try and reconnect if it loses connection?



    My extender OpenSprinkler 2.3 AC was having regular dropouts recently also. It was connnected using the recommended TP Link wifi device. I ended up discovering that the dropouts were due to my FritzBox updating and now refreshing and changing the wifi channel quite regularly. After it changes channel, the TP Link doesn’t reconnect so the extender OpenSprinkler is then offline.



    @trillian: the current firmware already implements reconnect when it detects the disconnection:
    basically if it detects the WiFi is no longer connected, it sends the controller back to initial state and it will try to connect again. The problem is so far I haven’t been able to reproduce the issue — I’ve tried to use our own router, unplug the power and replug the power, and the reconnect works just fine. Without reproducing the issue it’s difficult to guess what exactly is the problem. Maybe sending it to initial state isn’t sufficient, perhaps it needs to do something a big more aggressive, such as trigger a reboot, but I would rather not do that because if a program is running during the disconnect, a reboot will disrupt the running program which is undesirable.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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