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    Not sure if folks have considered this, but when we get flow metering, it would be nice to schedule zones in parallel if they don’t exceed the flow capacity of the supply line. For example, I might have several drip systems that are low flow, long duration zones. Suppose I’m watering 3 drip systems for 60 min each that use 5 GPM. My supply can handle 20 GPM, so if they all run sequentially, they require 3 hrs. But because they only use a modest amount of water, they can all run together, finishing the run in 60 min instead of 180.

    And, I would like to be able to shut off a normally-open master valve if the software detects a flow rate outside of some water window. My meter will measure the pool fill valve, or hose bibs scattered around the yard, so this has to be flexible.



    Hi, it would be good so there was the possibility of measuring pressure (flow) and otherwise the pump (master). Due to a fault (no water), or a burst pipe. In ospy version ( that no longer works, I would like to make this also envisaged in unified fw version Thank you Martin



    just define a minimum and maximum flow threshold and a program like this? :

    if ( flow < minimum_flow_threshold ) { stop; } //no water is flowing
    if ( flow > maximum_flow_threshold ) { stop; } //to much water is flowing



    Min and max combined take less cpu time than ‘if’ so:


    would be faster, and easier (clock cycles not readability) on the arduino based systems. Even though I don’t know how close everything is running to max capability of the chip, allowing for future features is nice.

    how would the OS know while scheduling that it could place several zones together? Or were you thinking A) run a test and then schedule them, B) have it continue to add zones till capacity is reached?



    As a heads-up, what we have implemented for the upcoming firmware 2.1.6 is some ‘baby-step’ support for flow sensor. In particular, you can monitor the real-time flow rate, and the flow count will be logged onto the microSD card so that you can check the total water consumption. We haven’t planned to add any automatic shut-off feature yet, because we want to collect feedback and suggestions about the flow sensor support before moving forward to add features that make use of the flow sensor for automation and fault prevention.



    In his system using a pump 3 phases from afar draw water. The problem occurs when not water or bursts (some damage) through pipelines. Suppose that the station will run 30 minutes. Then the pump runs 30 minutes without water. For this reason, I use the pressure sensor and the pump to shut down before damage can occur.
    Thus: master must turns into a certain time to be in the line pressure (or flow), otherwise the program is terminated (in my case ospy send email arrives, it is a disorder) pressure is an online monitoring
    thank you

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