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    Hey Guys,

    Just received my Opensprinkler HW ver 2.3. I connected it up and it seemed to work ok for a few hours, then I started getting Network issues, upon doing some research i figured it was just due to the hardware/libraries only being able to handle one request at a time. However it appears to stem further.  After about 10minutes of the device being connected either via 24VAC adapter or via USB to my laptop it appears as though open sprinkler starts to act mis-behave. Network connectivity stops working completely and the LCD screen sometimes becomes distorted or the date/time jumps around as it tries to “reconnect”. (This is also when NTP is disabled and the time is statically set).

    I have also tried a number of other things, like static IP, static DHCP lease, downgrading software, removing switch from the equation, connecting to laptop directly etc.

    Still no joy.

    Also I was originally only seeing one mac now I see 2 on the switch port.

    Ethernet-switching table: 2 unicast entries

      VLAN             MAC address       Type         Age Interfaces

      vlan-trust        *                 Flood          – All-members

      vlan-trust        00:1e:c0:d7:11:70 Learn         59 ge-0/0/10.0


      vlan-trust        00:69:69:2d:31:00 Learn         53 ge-0/0/10.0


    I have emailed support but I would be interested hearing if anyone else has seen these issues. I have videos of the LCD randomness I just haven’t had time to compress it to a more sane size.





    I just hooked up my HW 2.3 OS this past weekend (it ran it’s first scheduled program earlier this morning) and haven’t seen any of the problems you are describing thus far. The only oddity I experienced was related to DHCP and the TPLink wireless adapter (OS lost the original sticky IP I set on the DHCP server), but I chalked this up to weirdness with my wireless access point as it hasn’t reoccurred since rebooting my access point (and my OS and TPLink).

    My current setup doesn’t let me check if OS is ARPing with multiple macs, so I can’t report on that one.



    First of all, the second MAC address ’00:69:69:2d:31:00′ indicates that you have gone back to an earlier firmware, which uses software MAC address. That MAC address is a software-defined address. OpenSprinkler 2.3 uses a hardware MAC, and all recent firmwares support the hardware MAC chip.

    Second, since there is only one firmware (2.1.3) that we’ve released for OpenSprinkler hardware 2.3, if you have gone back to an earlier version of firmware, that must have been an incorrect firmware (i.e. for a different microcontroller or frequency). That explains the LCD issue.

    I just realized that we haven’t even updated the Firmware Updater to support OpenSprinkler 2.3 (because all OpenSprinkler 2.3 are shipped with the latest firmware 2.1.3 already). So if you’ve ever updated the firmware, you would not be able to recover it. We will release the new Firmware Updater right away to address this.

    So in summary, I think the issue you’ve seen is due to flashing an incorrect firmware.



    Thanks Ray,


    I have sine gone back to 2.3 however I was still experience the same issues that is why I downgraded in the first place.

    Happy to try anything you may suggest.



    Because the GUI doesn’t show OpenSprinkler 2.3 yet, I assume you just selected OpenSprinkler 2.2 as the device? I doubt this is going to work, because OpenSprinkler 2.2 and 2.3 use different microcontrollers (though they are pin compatible). To be specific, when you say the same issues, does this include the LCD issue or it’s only the network issue?

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