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    Has anybody used their open sprinkler for patio misters ?


    i have tried but cant get it to work easily.  i can create a program that runs for a shot time waits then starts again  but i have to set it on a schedule to work.

    if i try and do a run once program i cant specify a repeat and if i try and do a run once using the previous program i created it does one cycle and then stops.






    “but i have to set it on a schedule to work” — can you specify the schedule? Do you need the repeat time to be below 1 minute?



    i have a program “misting”

    ch6 15 seconds

    repeat every minute

    30 times


    to make the program run i just edit the start time to run in a minute

    this works

    if i goto run once program

    select missting program from above

    and submit

    station 6 comes on for 15 seconds and never comes on again.

    if i have to change the time i will but would be nice to just turn on when needed.



    I see, so you want the run-once to preserve the program repeat settings. There is currently no easy way to get around it — run-once works differently from a normal program, and as its name suggests, run-once is just an one-off program that does not repeat. For a repeat schedule to work, it has to be set as a normal program. At the moment you will have to keep using your current way: change the program start time.



    I would like to see a fuction where if a temperature is reached by a sensor then a specified zone will run for a period on a repeat cycle
    e.g. temperature exceeds 28°C, run for 20 seconds every 3 minute

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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